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By Shell Teahan 29 Mar, 2017
Between the feet of heavy snowfall, the icy winds, and the fluctuating temperatures, winter can be incredibly hard on your roof.

Especially if your roof is approaching the end of its life expectancy—which is about 20 years for standard asphalt shingles and up to 50 years for the best-quality architectural shingles—you should take some time in the spring to look the roof over and take note of any signs that winter weather has taken its toll.

If you notice any of these problems this spring, then it's wise to call your roofing company for repairs or a roof replacement before matters get worse.
By Shell Teahan 15 Mar, 2017
Asphalt-shingle roofs are subject to staining, and there are numerous causes of staining, thought the precise cause of a stain is often difficult to pinpoint. However, by examining the color of the stain and its location on the roof, you will be able to make a determination of the cause and take action to eliminate the problem.

Below is more information on several different types of roof stains and what you should do in response should you find them on your roof:
By Shell Teahan 17 Feb, 2017
There are countless buildings in the United States with asbestos roofing materials, and this very idea can make homeowners and business owners anxious. This concern is understandable, since unsafe exposure to asbestos can create serious health problems.

That's why it is important to know if you live in a structure with roofing material containing asbestos, and what to do if you suspect it is present. Below is more information designed to both help inform and reassure you concerning the possibility of asbestos in your building.
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