Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling in St. Peters

Your home is so much more than just a living space, it’s a reflection of your personality. That includes your bathroom! If yours is currently the type of room in which you spend as little time as humanly possible, Trinity Contracting & Construction says, let's change that up. Call today for a bathroom remodeling quote in St. Peters, Missouri.

Fresh eyes, new attitude

Trinity Contracting & Construction makes it a point to be involved in the design process of your bathroom remodeling project. Our expertise in decorating allows us to create a happy medium between pizazz and practicality. 

All of our projects are looked at with a pair of interior designer eyes, something that most construction companies often lack. As a result, we can serve you like a home decorating company through suggesting materials that will compliment your vision!

Have a spa day, any day

Living in today's world is stressful, even in a small town like St. Peters, Missouri. A day at the spa is sometimes just what the doctor ordered to get you back to relaxed and centered, but your accountant may put the kibosh on that idea.

Solution? Create your own spa, right in your home, with the help of Trinity Contracting & Construction! Our bathroom remodeling specialists can install Jacuzzi tubs, steam rooms, and other features that beckon you to step inside and stay awhile! 

The perfect place to put your stuff

Nearly every room in a home requires some form of storage space, and bathrooms are no exception. This means finding suitable cabinetry to store all your belongings. Trinity Contracting & Construction will help you find the right cabinetry to match your bath's color scheme, while also providing you with sufficient space.

Even if you have a small bathroom, today's options in cabinetry help you make the most of the space you have, and even help you find space you never knew was there! Call today for a quote. 
Make your bath beautiful again. Call (314) 718-5254.
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