Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling in St. Peters

You could literally be sitting on some valuable real estate and not even know it. It's your basement! It could be so much more than a glorified storage closet. Let Trinity Contracting & Construction help you unlock your basement's potential. Call our office in St. Peters, Missouri and let us evaluate whether your basement can be converted into a habitable space.

First thing's first

Whether you have ambitions of turning your basement into a state-of-the-art man cave or an additional living space for a renter or relative, it's crucial that your foundation be sturdy enough to accommodate your plans. 

Trinity Contracting & Construction has the tools and expertise to determine whether your foundation is compromised by cracks, settling or water damage. Call today to schedule an on-property inspection.

Now for the fun part 

Once your home's foundation has been determined to be safe for basement remodeling, Trinity Contracting & Construction is ready to help you bring your fantasies to fruition!  

We will gauge your intentions with your basement remodel and propose potential colors you can use to achieve your desired effect. From there, our home decorating company will assist you with painting the room.

Home of happy feet 

Flooring options are nearly limitless for a kitchen, bath or basement remodel. Even within the broader categories of hardwood, tile, or carpet, there are more refined sub-categories. 

Trinity Contracting & Construction doubles as an interior designer. We’ll help you decide on a flooring material that you’ll love, in addition to a general color scheme, cabinetry options and paints. Call today for a quote!
Get your basement TV room ready by Super Bowl! Call (314) 718-5254.
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