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Trinity Contracting & Construction

Trinity Contracting & Construction opened our doors in 2011, but we are by no means a "new kid on the block." Prior to that, company founder Tad Teahan spent 15 years in home construction, while his wife Shell excelled at interior design. Together, their combined talent and expertise offers a custom remodeling experience unmatched in the St. Peters, Missouri area! 

Family first 

Like many American success stories, Trinity Contracting & Construction was born of solid family values and perseverance. 

During our early days, we spent countless hours slogging through chilling winters and sweltering summers, selling our products door to door. Back then we lived on a tight budget, if something wasn’t actively promoting our home construction and remodeling services, it was put on hold. By our third year, Trinity Contracting & Construction broke through as a premium renovation contractor in the St. Louis area, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Call today to experience the difference that working with a truly dynamic remodeling contractor can make for your family. 

Striving for excellence

Trinity Contracting & Construction has certainly come a long way in a short time. How exactly did we experience such unprecedented growth? It all starts with the philosophy the Teahan family wove into the fabric of our culture. “We never have and never will compromise the quality of the product” is the slogan we live by. Our clients enjoy the privilege of working with talented general craftsman that strive for excellence in everything we design. When constructing or decorating a home, we believe the client deserves nothing less than the best.

Call our team in St. Peters, Missouri to put that philosophy to work for you on your next remodeling project! 

We sweat the small stuff

At Trinity Contracting & Construction, our help does not end when the last nail is hammered into place. We help you work through every aspect of your home construction and remodeling project by doubling as an interior design firm, too. We have an acute sense for details and will suggest potential ideas for decorating your home. We can suggest color schemes, select tile, fixtures, cabinets and much more. Trinity Contracting & Construction will help you throughout the entire process of your residential design servicing! 
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